Choosing an IDE for the New Android Developer

When a developer wants to learn android development and visits the android developer website for the first time, they will quickly find that there are two options for how to develop for android. There is Android Studio which is an early access preview, and the ADT Plugin for Eclipse (also distributed as the SDK ADT Bundle).

This raises the question: if a developeris starting out learning Android, should they start with the stable tool (Eclipse) and save time migrating/relearning later when everybody switches to Android Studio? Or start with Android Studio which might have bugs but which is the tool probably everybody will be using at some point in the future (and which might have hot new features)?

As an android novice, I did some research and here’s what I found: If you start out by using Android Studio, all the tutorials are for ADT so differences between what you see in the tutorial and what you see in Android Studio could slow you down. And if things aren’t working, it might be hard to say whether it’s a bug in Android Studio (because it’s still in beta) or because you did something wrong. For these two reasons: if you’re just starting out learning android, I would recommend to start learning on Eclipse/ADT.

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