Thoughtworks Technology Radar January 2015

The Thoughtworks Technology Radar for 2015 has just been released. I’ve been playing with Java 8 a lot on the side, so was interested to see where it stood on their scale. Well I’m happy to report that Java 8 is recommended in the “Adopt” category!

According to Thoughtworks: “The Adopt Ring represents blips that we think you should be using now. We don’t say that you should use these for every project, any tool should only be used in an appropriate context. However we do think that a blip in the adopt ring represents something where there is no doubt that it’s proven and mature for use.”

So the takeaway is: don’t drop all of your technology and other languages to switch Java 8. But if you work on a Java system and are wondering if Java 8 is safe to use, at least a third party has found it ready to roll!

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