Top Posts of 2014

It’s the end of the year, and as people are wont to do, it’s time for The Year In Review! And before I say anything else, I want to say a special thanks to my readers who are making this blog successful! I hope that everything I write about is fun and useful for you. Let’s review this blog for the year…

My most-viewed blog post of the year, weighing in at almost 3000 views, was Setting Up HTTPS For Spring Boot. At the time (almost a year ago!) Spring Boot was still relatively early in its development, and the documentation to set up HTTPS was meager at best. But I was eager to figure that configuration out, as were, apparently, many others. Fortunately the good folks working on Spring Boot recognized that need and it is way easier now. So that particular blog post probably won’t be getting a lot of traffic in the future, but it’s good to know it helped people out.

My personal favorite post of the year was Imposter Syndrome. It’s my favorite because I feel it speaks to many people at all levels. Various people told me verbally that they felt it was very helpful to them personally and appreciated it. This speaks to the need that this post really filled, and satisfying needs and helping people is really the goal of all this in the first place.

What was your favorite post of the year? What kind of post do you feel helps you the most, that you would like to see more of next year?

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