Setting Up HTTPS For Spring Boot

Over a year ago I wrote a post titled “Setting Up HTTPS For Spring Boot.” At the time, the path to running your Spring Boot web server with HTTPS was not so easy to find. Now, a year later, Spring Boot is on version 1.2, and the need for so many people to easily setup HTTPS has driven a big change in how you accomplish this.

So now, and without any further ado…
Let’s SSL with spring boot one point two!

If you configured SSL using the previous post, the new technique is like so: In your file, add

server.port = 9000
server.ssl.key-store = keystore.p12
server.ssl.key-store-password = mypassword
server.ssl.keyStoreType = PKCS12
server.ssl.keyAlias = tomcat

that’s it!

Seriously! You can stop reading now! 🙂

But if you want more information, you can see the new directions for setting up SSL here, see the section on “Configure SSL.”

Enjoy your new and simpler configuration!

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