Reactions: A First Look at Couchbase

The Philly JUG had a great meeting this week about Couchbase. I casually knew about Couchbase as a NoSQL solution, but there were a couple really cool things that surprised me.

First: There’s a Couchbase Lite that is suitable for running directly on mobile devices. So you could use this instead of SQLite on Android! Using NoSQL on your phone sounded pretty exciting!

Also: There is a Sync Gateway for client-server replication and peer-to-peer replication. From their site, Couchbase Lite “Supports replication with compatible database servers. This gives your app best-of-breed sync capabilities. Not only can the user’s data stay in sync across multiple devices, but multiple users’ data can be synced together. Supports peer-to-peer replication. By adding an extra HTTP listener component, your app can accept connections from other devices running Couchbase Lite and exchange data with them.”

Finally, it’s worth noting that Spring Data supports Couchbase directly. So if you are in the Spring world, it should make using Couchbase even easier.

When a Philly JUG meeting ends with everybody learning something new, I’ll call it a rousing success!

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